Estee Lauder AERIN Amber Musk perfume sample

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Be as quick as a flash to get your FREE sample AERIN Amber Musk perfume with Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder is currently offering free samples of AERIN Amber Musk perfume thru a sponsored advert on their Facebook / Instagram accounts.

This means we do not have a direct link to the sample request form. However, we recommend you complete a bunch of actions to make the ad pop up in your social media feed, and as a result, be able to order your free perfume samples while the supplies last.

How to receive a FREE Estee Lauder AERIN Amber Musk perfume sample by mail?

Let’s get going before the supplies run out. You can perform the following steps :

  • Like the “Estee Lauder UK” page on Facebook if you haven’t already
  • Follow the “Estee Lauder UK” account on Instagram if you haven’t already
  • Google the offered perfume samples and check out the perfume on Google (in this case, search Estee Lauder AERIN Amber Musk perfume)
  • Go over to the Estee Lauder UK website and check out the perfume page on there as well…

After this, close all tabs and reopen them. Keep using your social media as usual by scrolling down the feed. Keep an eye for a sponsored advert from Estee Lauder. (see picture below)

Order your FREE Estee Lauder AERIN Amber Musk perfume sample thru a sponsored advert on Facebook/Instagram

Once you see it, click on the call to action icon to see a SoPost form appear to you. Pop up your details in the corresponding fields or let Facebook do it for you. Just make sure you verify that the coordinates are valid.

These samples can be claimed by UK residents ONLY.

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You can also keep an eye on this article we update regularly to offer you the latest sampling opportunities for perfume in the UK.

Go go go get yours while supplies last.

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