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Find all the best free sample offers on Getmefreesamples.com ! Several hundred of good tips to discover: Free samples, free gifts, contests and much more!

Here you have a lot of choice! For each sample, a small explanatory text gives you detailed instructions on how to receive it at home. Now days, more and more companies are offering free samples (make-up, perfumes, skincare creams, etc.). New offers are added every week. We wish you a pleasant visit on Getmefreesamples !

Free samples to promote their products

In order to promote their products, the biggest brands of cosmetics, perfume and food products provide samples of their products free of charge. It also allows them to survey consumers on their new offers, and thus to evaluate their product range.

Test new products

These samples allow you to test a product before buying it, and this for free. To receive a product at home, simply click on a sample of your choice and follow the instructions. Don’t wait too long to register, as stocks are often limited.

Several types of free samples

The brands offer you different types of products to receive at home: perfume samples, cosmetics, food products, or even childcare articles. All the major brands are getting started, so take advantage of it!

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