Estee Lauder Supercharged Gel Creme sample

Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to claim a free Estee Lauder Supercharged Gel Creme sample while supplies last.

Estee Lauder is giving away free samples of their new Eye Supercharged Gel Creme to select UK Residents. You can try to get your hands on this freebie while the supplies last.

How to get a free sample of Estee Lauder Eye Supercharged Gel Creme by post?

The offer is currently ongoing as a sponsored post on Facebook and Instagram. It’s showing up to select users who match the targeting criteria set by the brand. But here are a few tips to increase your odds of getting the pop-up to show up in your social feed.

The freebie post is powered by SoPost as most freebies on Facebook. The publication you should be on the lookout for looks like this :

Good luck. I hope you’ll get it.

The post is powered by a SoPost form. So there could be a direct link in the coming hours or days. Stay in the loop by subscribing to push notifications or emails.

For more Estee Lauder samples in the UK and other countries as well, check out this listing.

Estee Lauder Supercharged Gel Creme sample

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