Estee Lauder Fragrances samples

Estee Lauder unveiled a new luxury fragrances collection. You’ve guessed it, the brand is giving away free Estee Lauder Fragrances samples.

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How to get free Estee Lauder Fragrances sample by post?

NEW! Thru Facebook posts

As of September 2021, I spotted a new sponsored post by Estee Lauder UK page on Facebook. The post is offering free samples of Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrances Collection. Including 4 scents you can choose from:

  • Tender Light
  • Sensuous Stars
  • Dream Dusk
  • Infinite Sky

As you know, there is no direct link to freebies thru Facebook. However, you can complete a few actions if you haven’t already to increase your odds of getting the pop up. I suggest :

The post you should be on the lookout for is the one in the snapshot below.

NOTE: There are other variations of the picture and also a video of the post. So make sure you keep both eyes open for anything sponsored by Estee Lauder UK.

Good luck. I hope you’ll get it.

The post is powered by a SoPost form. So there could be a direct link in the coming hours or days. Stay in the loop by subscribing to push notifications or emails.

For more Estee Lauder samples in the UK and other countries as well, check out this listing.

About Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrances Collection

The new Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrances collection has eight extraordinary scents inspired by nature’s most breath-taking moments. Including :

  • Tender Light The uplifting notes of Chinese Tea Accord enhanced by the freshness of Bergamot. Shimmering with the joy and warmth of sunlight.
  • Sensuous Stars A captivating blend of fruity Chinese Plum with sumptuous Orris and warm Lavender. Evoking the sensuous tranquillity of walking under the moonlit sky.
  • Dream Dusk The vibrant floral scent of the Cherry Blossom, with a bold twist of Black Currant Buds and Geranium. Capturing the beauty of a secret garden in full bloom.
  • Infinite Sky A thrilling, sensuous fragrance that combines the golden sensuality of Sichuan Pepper, smoky Vanilla Bean and smouldering Leatherwood. Instilling confidence to do anything the heart desires. Let your mind imagine them. Let your senses feel them
estee lauder fragrances samples

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