ManiLife Peanut Butter sample

Last Updated on December 16, 2020

Get a free ManiLife Peanut Butter sample with this new advert. This sampling offer was spotted this morning as a sponsored advert on Facebook.

Be quick to possibly get your free samples of ManiLife creamy Peanut Butter by mail.

How to get free ManiLife Peanut Butter samples by mail?

They are offering the Peanut Butter samples thru a sponsored advert on Facebook (maybe Instagram too!). Thus, we do not have a direct link for it. However, there is a list of actions you can perform to make the advert pop up in your social media feed.

The actions we suggest you complete are :

  • Follow and like @ManiLifePeanutButter on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Engage with the brand on social media by liking one or two of their recent posts, leaving a comment, or sharing
  • Search the offered product samples, in this case, search the ManiLife Peanut Butter
  • Go over to the ManiLife website and check out this product there as well (optional)

After finishing these actions, just keep scrolling your social media feed as usual. This time, keep an eye on the sponsored adverts. You should be able to see this one. (see picture below)

get free ManiLife Peanut Butter sample thru an advert on Facebook
Free ManiLife Peanut Butter sample thru a sponsored advert on Facebook for UK residents

Click the call to action button when you see the advert, and pop up your shipping info in there to get this freebie by mail.

Advert is currently running in the UK only. (Maybe they will target other countries as well in the future, including the US or Canada)

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