Free 4x440ml Can Pack of Tetleys No4

Last Updated on June 14, 2021

For a limited time, you can get a free Tetleys No4 Premium Lager drink (4x440ml Can Pack), after cashback.

Tetley’s UK has a new cashback offer to get free Tetleys No4 Premium Drink. If you want to give their new premium lager a try, you can seize this offer to do it gratis.

To seize this deal, simply purchase a Tetley’s No4 Premium Lager Can Pack (4x440ml). You must purchase it from a participating Tesco store near you. Take a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase. Make sure the picture shows the product purchased, its value, the name and address of the store, and the date/time of the purchase.

Go over to the promotion page at

Fill in the cashback request form with your correct contact details. Click the red ‘add receipt’ button to upload the image of your receipt.

Please note that the purchase price must be the exact same price you paid for your 4 pack of Tetley’s No4 Premium Lager in Tesco’s. Refunded up to £4.50 value.

You can get your refund on Paypal or as a bank transfer to your bank account.

The promotion period closes at 23:59 on 20 June 2021. Submit your proof or purchase before then to get a refund.

This promotion is open to all resident of the United Kingdom, (excluding Scotland), 18+.

free tetleys no4 premium drink

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