FREE Purina Dentalife @Sainsburys online

Sainsburys has 5000 FREE Purina Dentalife for your dog or cat to be claimed. This freebie is for people who do their shopping thru Sainsburys‘ online store.

Be quick as a flash to get your Purina Dentalife freebie for your dog or cat to try for free. A healthy pet starts with a healthy mouth so why not discover Dentalife for your dog or cat. It is scientifically proven to reduce tartar and keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Why not start their oral care routine today by claiming a pack FREE of all charges.

How to get FREE Purina Dentalife for your dog or cat?

To get your mitts on a FREE Purina Dentalife Oral Care for pets with Sainsburys, we invite you to go over to the Sainsburys online shop, pick up some stuff you need, and add the Dentalife Dog or Dentalife Cat to your basket.

Make sure to use code: FREEDENTALIFE1 at checkout to get the Dentalife product price deducted from your basket. Thus, get it free.

Continue with your shop and book a slot for delivery between 18.11.2020 and 8.12.2020.

This promotion is for UK residents ONLY.

Valid for a limited time or while supplies last, at Sainsbury’s online shop ONLY.


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FREE Purina Dentalife @Sainsburys online

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