Free Pack of Magnum Ice Cream (£4 Voucher)

Last Updated on January 8, 2024

Magnum Ice Cream offers a deliciously interactive way to win a free pack of Magnums.

Participate in Magnum’s Spot the Difference game and sharpen your observational skills. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a digital coupon texted straight to your phone for a free pack of Magnum Ice Cream.

30,000 lucky winners will receive a Magnum digital coupon worth £4, redeemable at participating Co-op or Tesco stores.

Use it to pick your favorite from the Magnum range, including: Classic, White, Almond, Mint, and Salted Caramel 3 packs.

How to participate and claim your Magnum Digital Voucher?

  1. Click on the button below to access the Magnum’s Spot the Difference game page
  2. Put your skills to the test and identify the differences in the game. (It’s super easy)
  3. When you find all 4, you’ll receive a voucher code via text message.
  4. Redeem it at your local participating store and enjoy your free Magnum Ice Cream pack.

Here are the 4 differences so you can go past this step quicker.

Magnum Spot The Difference Solution

This offer runs until the last minute of 31/03/2024 BST or until all coupons are claimed.

Residents of the United Kingdom only.

Claim your voucher

Free Pack of Magnum Ice Cream

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