Free Knorr Stock samples

Last Updated on April 13, 2022

A new freebie spotted on Facebook! Knorr is giving away Free Knorr Stock samples and Bouillon to receive by mail.

Be as quick as a flash to order the new Knorr Professional Powder Stock Pot Bouillon samples for free.

How to claim a possible free sample of Knorr Stock Pot Bouillon?

NEW! Thru Unilever website – AVAILABLE

Right now, Unilever is giving away free samples of the new Knorr Professional Powder Stock Pot Bouillon to residents of the UK. To get yours, simply follow this link to the offer page. Answer a few questions and once done, you will see a button inviting you to claim a free sample. Click on it and fill out the form.

This is available for a limited time only or whilst supplies remain.

Open to residents of the UK.

You can choose a free sample of one Knorr Stock Pot product, including:

  • Knorr Professional Vegetable Powder,
  • Vegetable Concentrated Powder,
  • Vegetable Paste
  • Or Vegetable Jelly. 

Thru Facebook / Instagram – SOLD OUT!

The samples are being distributed through a sponsored advert on Facebook from the Knorr UK page. This means that we do not have a direct link. However, there are a few actions you can do to make the advert pop up in your feed so you can order your freebies.

The actions we recommend you to do are :

  • Like the “Knorr UK” page on Facebook if you haven’t already
  • Follow the “Knorr UK” account on Instagram if you haven’t already
  • Go over to the Knorr UK website and check out the product page on there as well… [optional]

After this, close all tabs and reopen them. Keep using your social media as usual by scrolling down the feed. Keep an eye on a sponsored advert from Knorr. (see picture below)

free knorr stock samples
Free Knorr Zero Salt Veggie Stock samples

Once you see it, click on the call to action icon to see a SoPost form appear to you. Pop up your details in the corresponding fields or let Facebook do it for you. Just make sure you verify that your coordinates are valid if you do it with the Facebook refill bot.

These samples are for UK residents ONLY.

As of April 27, 2021, the offer is live again for select Facebook users (UK)

Free Knorr Stock samples

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