Gillette ProGlide Razor sample

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

You can grab a free Gillette ProGlide Razor sample whilst the supplies last.

Gillette ProGlide Razor is a top notch shaving tool. It’s the only razor that’s available with FlexBall technology, five anti-friction blades, and a precision edging blade on the front of the handle. Plus an enhanced Lubrastrip.

You can order a free sample to try without spending a penny. Find out how below.

How to get a free Gillette ProGlide Razor sample by post?

NEW! From Facebook / Instagram – AVAILABLE

Gillette is now taking their sampling offer campaign to Facebook and Instagram. You can try to find the ad to claim this freebie.

I suggest you follow these tips and tricks to increase your chances of seeing the sponsored post on your feed:

  • Find the Gillette page on Facebook or Instagram, then follow them
  • Interact with the brand by liking recent posts, leaving a comment, or watching a video they recently shared
  • Lookup the Gillette Razor on the internet or the Facebook/ Instagram Search Bar

Once done, refresh the tab or close then reopen the Facebook or Instagram app. Then, pay attention to the sponsored posts popping up on your social feed.

Below is a screenshot of the one you need to find to sign up for this freebie.

Gillette Pro Glide FlexBall Razor sample ad facebook

When you see it, click on the ‘Get Offer’ button and fill out the form.

Available for a limited time or while supplies last.


Gillette has a new advert doing the rounds on TikTok for a free sample of Gillette ProGlide FlexBall Razor. To get it, you need to scroll through your TikTok Feed until you find it to be able to claim. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with that.

After that, keep your eyes open on any sponsored reels showing up in your feed. Below is a screenshot of the one you should find to get your freebie by post.

Gillette ProGlide Flexball razor sample ad tiktok

TIP: Here are some other ongoing TikTok freebies offer to optimize your time by looking for them at once.

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Free Gillette ProGlide Razor sample

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