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Attention UK shoppers! If you’re a fan of Biff’s products or have been waiting for the right moment to try them out, now is the perfect time. Thanks to an exciting new promotion from Hashting, you can enjoy Biff’s products and get a 100% cashback.

Shop at Sainsbury’s using your Nectar card between 24th October 2023 and 14th November 2023, and you can get free Biff’s products on offer.

The offer stands until 23:59 on 25th January 2024. But here’s the catch: it’s only valid until 2,500 unique, valid claims have been made. So, it’s a race against time and other keen shoppers!

Here are all the delectable details you need to know

How to get free Biff’s products with cashback?

  • Click on the button below to go to the Hashting website to get your unique claim code
  • Shop at Sainsbury’s: Make sure your purchase is from Sainsbury’s, as the offer is exclusive to this store.
  • Use Your Nectar Card: Ensure you use your Nectar card when purchasing Biff’s products to be eligible for the offer.
  • Limitations: Remember, it’s a maximum of one offer per person, and only participating Biff’s products are included in this promotion.

This offer is open exclusively for residents of Great Britain aged 18 and over.

It’s not every day that you come across such an appetizing offer. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of Biff’s or a newbie ready to explore, this promotion provides the perfect opportunity.

So, grab your shopping bags, flash that Nectar card, and head over to Sainsbury’s to make the most of this sizzling deal!

Happy shopping!

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Missed the freebie window? No worries! From 15th November 2023 to 25th January 2024, you can still benefit by receiving £2.50 cashback when buying Biff’s products at Sainsbury’s.

Free Biff's Products

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