Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR sample

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Looking for a free Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR sample? This is your chance to grab it as a freebie to try out before you decide to buy.

In the vast realm of skincare, there are few names as iconic as Elizabeth Arden. With a legacy that spans over a century, Elizabeth Arden products have stood the test of time, consistently delivering on the promise of innovative beauty and unrivaled quality.

Now, in its newest marvel, Elizabeth Arden presents an opportunity for skincare aficionados and curious newcomers alike to try its latest formulation for free: The Retinol HPR Ceramide Serum.

This product is not your ordinary serum. Merging the age-defying power of Retinol + HPR with the deeply hydrating and skin-strengthening benefits of ceramides.

It’s a must-try. So read on to find out how.

How to claim a free sample of Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules Serum?

NEW! From SoPost through Sheerluxe Newsletter – AVAILABLE

On today’s Sheerluxe emails, you can find a SoPost link to claim a free sample of Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules Serum

Luckily, I managed to find a direct link, so click on the ‘Go to Offer’ button below and fill out the form to get one.

Go to Offer

NOTE: The link might go on and off a lot. So if you are subscribed to Sheerluxe emails, check out today’s email and you will find a unique link just for you there.

Elizabeth arden HPR serum sample on Sheerluxe email

Given the brand’s immense popularity and the allure of trying a premium product for free, these samples are likely to be in high demand. So, act swiftly!

On Facebook and Instagram

For a limited time, Elizabeth Arden is offering free samples of this revolutionary cream on two of the most popular social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. To increase your adds of seeing the sponsored post, simply follow the steps below:

  • Like and Follow Elizabeth Arden page on Facebook & Instagram
  • Engage with the brand by liking recent posts or watching a recent video they shared 
  • Search the Retinol + HPR Ceramide Cream on the internet or the Facebook / Instagram search bar

After that, keep an eye out for the promotional post, and follow the instructions to request your sample. Here is what it looks like:

Elizabeth Arden Retinol HPR sample ad facebook
Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR sample

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