Carolina Herrera Mascara sample

Last Updated on July 18, 2022

HOT Freebie. Don’t miss out on this new sampling offer to score a free Carolina Herrera Mascara sample in the UK.

Right now, Carolina Herrera is giving away free samples of the new Smudgeproof Fabulous Eyes Mascara to select residents of the United Kingdom. Read and follow the instructions below to claim yours and receive it by post.

How to get a free sample of Carolina Herrera Fabulous Eyes Mascara by post?

The brand is hosting this sampling offer through a sponsored post doing rounds on Facebook and Instagram. There is no direct link at the moment. However, you can complete the instructions below, and hopefully, the advert will pop up in your social feed if you match the targeting criteria set by the Carlina Herrera Team.

  • Like and follow the Carolina Herrera page on Facebook and Instagram
  • Like one or two of their posts or watch a recent video they shared to engage with the brand
  • Lookup the new Carolina Herrera Smudgeproof Fabulous Eyes Mascara on the internet and/or on the Facebook search bar

Below is a snapshot of the post you should be keeping an eye out for.

NOTE: It looks like this post is showing up to female residents of the UK, who set their age on Facebook between 22 and 55 years old. And who showed interest in Beauty, Luxury Goods, and more.

Once you spot it, you simply hit the ‘GET OFFER’ to access the SoPost form.

Make sure you subscribe to push notifications from me and Newsletter so I can reach you easily in case there is a direct SoPost link to this freebie.

Good luck.

Carolina Herrera Mascara sample

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