Free Red Chocolate Bar @Walmart

Last Updated on December 11, 2020

Chocolate lovers can hurry up to seize this freebie offer from RED Chocolate. They are giving away coupons good to get a FREE Red Chocolate Bar at Walmart stores.

The coupons being handed out are good to pick up a RED Chocolate Bar Product from Walmart. The coupon has an up to $2.78 value.

How to get a FREE Red Chocolate Bar?

Very easy, very simple. No strings attached freebie. Just click on the “Get this free sample” icon at the bottom of this text to be redirected to the coupon request page. Once there, complete the form with your valid contact info and other details. Submit the form and check out your email address for your coupon.

You know what you have left to do now that you got your coupon! Head over to your local Walmart store and get yourself a FREE Red Chocolate Bar!

This coupon is valid at Walmart Stores within the US only.


That’s about everything. We hope you enjoy this freebie.

Have a good day.

UPDATE 8th Dec 2020: New link available.

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Free Red Chocolate Bar @Walmart

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