Free Ithaca Grocery Tote

Ithaca Hummus has another hot freebie. For a limited time, you can get your mitts on a free Ithaca Grocery Tote Bag. It’s reusable and looks very good.

Here’s how to get your freebie by mail as soon as possible!

How to get a free Grocery Tote Bag with Ithaca Hummus?

You can get a free Reusable Ithaca Grocery Tote Bag, by following this link to the freebie info page. To be eligible for this freebie, you have to be following Ithaca Hummus on Instagram. Moreover, you need to go to and leave a review on any Ithaca Hummus. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your review because you will need it to fill in the order form.

BONUS! If you leave a review for the Ithaca Hummus Buffalo Ranch flavor, you will receive not one, but two reusable Grocery Tote Bags.

Valid for a short period of time or until the supplies run out.

For US citizens only, all states included.

You also seize this other freebie to get a free Beauty Tote Bag with Dollar General. Click here to learn more and get the link for the freebie!

Happy freebies hunting!

free ithaca grocery tote bag reusable

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