Technique to build customer loyalty: offer free samples

There is an age-old technique to successfully build customer loyalty on your e-commerce website.

This technique that I am revealing to you in this article, can be easily adapted to all types of products, such as cosmetics, make-up, food, beauty products, perfumes, baby products and so on!

In addition to being adaptable to almost all fields, this trick as old as the world to build customer loyalty allows you to create the effect of removing and introducing your customers to new products, with a high probability of transforming this action through a future sale. In other words, this technique will improve customer satisfaction even more.

Rather than looking for new customers, retain old ones

It is common knowledge that finding new customers can be expensive, especially in some particular niches and industries.

Rather than giving your communication budget on advertising agencies, or spending it on Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, or registering your products on marketplaces for a commission, why not try to get your former customers to place multiple orders on your site?

In reality, few e-merchants seek to create a customer relationship and operate in a “one-shot” mode. If your products are suitable for multiple orders, you should be very interested in this technique.

The technique to retain old customers and make them come back to your e-shop is very effective, and you have surely been its target at some point in your life.

The technique is pretty easy: offer free samples with each order you receive. Do you sell perfumes? Why not send a sample of a new product with the customer’s order?

Build loyalty among your e-Commerce customers

Your customers will be surprised, in a good way. Because we all love gifts, especially if they are free of charges and with no strings attached! As strange as it might seem, but it is a fact that we sometimes pay more attention to gifts received than to what we have actually paid for.

If you can produce or send good quality samples, you will be sending very important information to your customer:

“At home, we receive gifts in addition to our orders. Why should I go and order somewhere else?”

I recently gave this piece of advice to a client of mine, who sells make-up on his website. This client invests a significant budget in advertising (over $2,000 USD per week).

The manufacturer sends the samples directly! All you have to do is dispatch them in the preparation of your order! This will give you a good chance of getting orders for the products in the samples you sent.

And guess what? In less than a month, he increased his sales by 30%, only thanks to this simple action. The best part about this technique is that it costs him absolutely nothing.

Another solution to build customer loyalty increasingly used :

Another solution to build customer loyalty through sampling campaigns is to offer your customers the choice to opt-in or out. In other words, you might want to consider adding a small block in your e-commerce website, so that customers can add product samples directly in the shopping cart.

This technique has a big advantage for a small disadvantage. The little issue here is that you trade the surprise effect, but for something better: the choice!

The big advantage is that this simple technique has proven to reduce abandoned baskets. It’s one more string to your bow! A bit like offering an additional service (such as the delivery offered for example)

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