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Last Updated on August 22, 2023

Here is how Home Tester Club product testing platform works and how to get free products in the mail, and write reviews. Available for almost all countries.

What is Home Tester Club?

Home Tester Club is a product testing platform that operates in multiple countries, including The US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, France… (and so many others).

International and local brands alike reach out to Home Tester Club to launch product testing campaigns all over the world. The Home Tester team helps get the right product to the right consumer. As a result and ultimate goal to get constructive feedback about a specific product. The brand offers the products for free to select testers, in exchange for their genuine opinion.

The beauty of Home Tester Club is they are not focused on a single category of products. But instead, it’s pretty much everything. You can get free food and drinks, beauty and skincare products, hair care and body care, electronics, and small home appliances, sports, and camping gear… As I said, the sky is the limit with The Home Tester Club platform.

How does HomeTesterClub.com work?

how home tester club works

Home Tester Club launches multiple product testing campaigns on a regular basis. In some countries more than others, but there’s always something new for you, no matter where you live.

It works as any other product testing platform. You sign up and join their community. Whenever a new product testing opportunity is available, you apply for it. You will need to answer a bunch of quick and direct questions as defined by the brand offering the freebies to try.

Based on your answers, the Home Tester Club team will decide if your profile matches the audience that the sponsors is looking for. When you get a match, you will receive an email informing you that you got selected for X campaign. In that email, they will disclose then the specefic product you will be receiving in the mail. Everything is free of all charges, including shipping and handling.

Your product will be delivered to your home address. You will have time to try the product. Afterward, The HomeTesterClub team will invite you to provide an honest and thorough review.

NOTE: If you fail to do so, you might be banned forever from participating in future campaigns. So, be vigilant and go through with the whole process when selected.

TIP: If your free product shipment encounters the slightest problem, like lost in the mail, or damaged, you can contact them to find a solution.

How to apply for Home Tester Club offers?

To apply for The Home Tester Club product testing offers, I recommend you follow the steps :

  1. Go to the HomeTesterClub platform at the right link for your country. Log in or register with them
  1. See available offers that interest you and select the one you want.
  2. Answer the survey questions so they can define if you are eligible for the review club.

Pay extra attention to your email inbox to see if you have qualified. In case you qualify, read the email and wait for your product to be sent to the home address you provided.

Receive your product and test it. Depending on what it is, you will have the right time to try it at your ease. With your freebie, you will also get a sheet detailling what you have to do as a tester. Read it carefully and follow the steps in it.

Once the testing is done and you have enough information to share, write a geniuine and detailed review. Don’t go just with something generic such as ‘Nice Cream, I liked it’. That’s not helpful nor for the brand, nor for others.

Note that you will receive an email with a link to post your review.

TIP: Think of including pictures of the product you received, maybe show before and after use… Be creative to get accepted to more review offers.

Home Tester Club free products review

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  1. I am a proficient writer I can write reviews accurately and quickly.
    I would like to become a product tester for you.

  2. Not yet. We are getting married soon or March 2023, she trades in the Elon Musk thing. So she has plenty of money to buy what she wants, but if it’s FREE well hey bring it our way. She wants a football team of kids, that’s 13 i think. So free children’s nappies n swimmers. Besides all the normal household items I’ll be buying two Turkish Van female cats.

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