Keys Soulcare Tint + Concealer sample

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Elevate your make up routine with Keys Soulcare’s unique 2-in-1 solution that seamlessly blends the coverage of a concealer with the natural finish of a tint. That’s right…For a limited time, you can get your hands on a free Keys Soulcare Tint + Concealer sample.

This exciting product is not just makeup; it’s ‘Soulcare’. Read on to find out how you can potentially grab this opportunity.

How to claim a free sample of Keys Soulcare It’s Like Skin Tint + Concealer?

From Facebook / Instagram – AVAILABLE

To get this sample post to pop up in your feed, you need to tip off Facebook and Instagram algorithms to your interest in trying this product freebie. As a result, it will shortly show on your Facebook or Instagram feed and you will be able to claim it. So I suggest you follow these tips and tricks to help you get it to show up:

  1. Follow and Engage with Keys Soulcare: Start by visiting Keys Soulcare’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Like and follow them
  2. Show Interest in the Brand: Engage with Keys Soulcare’s posts on both platforms or the one you use the most. Like, comment on, and view their videos and reels. The more interactions you have with the brand, the better chances you have of spotting their sponsored ad.
  3. Search for Keys Soulcare It’s Like Skin Tint + Concealer: Use the search bar on Facebook or Instagram to search for Keys Soulcare Tint + Concealer. This action can help signal your interest to the social media algorithms.
  4. Visit Keys Soulcare website: Use the internet to access the Keys Soulcare Website and check out their 2-in-1 Tint + Concealer product there

That’s about it. After this, all you have left to do is stay vigilant and eep scrolling through your feeds and look out for a sponsored post from Keys Soulcare. It might take a bit of time, so don’t lose hope if you don’t see it immediately. Here is what it looks like.

Keys Soulcare Tint + Concealer sample

Once you spot it, click on it and follow the instructions to claim your free sample. You’ll need to fill in your shipping details in the form provided.

Remember, these sponsored ads don’t show up for everyone. They’re targeted based on your interactions and engagement with the brand, among other things. While we can’t guarantee you’ll see the ad, following these steps could increase your chances significantly.

This exclusive opportunity to try out Keys Soulcare’s Skin 2-in-1 It’s Like Skin Tint + Concealer is limited to US residents only. So hurry up to get it while you have the chance.

Happy scrolling!

Keys Soulcare Tint + Concealer sample

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