Free Swiffer PowerMop from P&G

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

Sweep up a FREE Swiffer PowerMop sample from P&G while supplies last.

P&G is offering an amazing deal that’s too good to pass up – a FREE Swiffer PowerMop, delivered right to your doorstep without any shipping fees. But you’ll need to act swiftly.

Here’s How to Claim Your Free Swiffer PowerMop:

  1. Visit the Website: Click the “Go to Offer” button to be directed to P&G’s promotion page.
  2. Log In: Before you can proceed, make sure you’re logged into the P&G website. If you don’t have an account, take a moment to create one.
  3. Complete the Form: Fill out the provided form with your contact and shipping details. Ensure all the information is correct to avoid any hiccups with your freebie.
  4. Submit Your Request: Once all your details are in order, hit the submit button and sit back and relax.

Please note that you need to be logged in for the link to work. So, after logging in either click on the button below or copy-paste the link into your browser:

Free Swiffer PowerMop sample P&G

Go to Offer

Please note that this specific offer on P&G Rewards is in high demand so their website is a little busy and the form might crash. But keep trying until it works. Good luck!

Free Swiffer Powermop from P&G

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