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Turn grease into ease with a free FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier!

You can try FryAway for FREE and make your post-cooking cleanup a breeze. Activate the offer on your Social Nature account and you will get 100% cash back on one bag of Fry Away Cooking Oil Solidifier (3.5oz/100g), valued up to $9.99

How to get your free FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier?

Follow these simple steps to make your frying experience cleaner and greener without spending extra:

  1. Activate the offer: Use the button below to access the FryAway offer on Social Nature. See if it’s available near you and activate it.
  2. Purchase the Product: Buy a 3.5oz (100g) bag of Fry Away Cooking Oil Solidifier from the participating store they indicate.
  3. Keep Your Receipt: Hold onto your purchase receipt – it’s your ticket to getting your cash back.
  4. Upload Your Receipt: Visit the Social Nature website and follow the instructions to upload your receipt.
  5. Receive 100% Cash Back: After your receipt is verified, you’ll receive 100% cash back for your purchase, making your Fry Away effectively free!

Make sure to do this by March 29, 2024, and before all offers are claimed.

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Free FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier

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