Nc’nean Drink sample

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Savor the spirit of Scotland with a free Nc’nean Drink sample.

Nc’nean Distillery is offering a special treat that’s hard to resist. By signing up for their newsletter, you have the chance to receive a free sample of their exquisite organic single malt whisky – delivered right to your door, with a delightful discount that makes the sample and delivery completely free.

Here are all the details.

How to enjoy your Nc’nean Whisky Drink sample?

The brand is giving away this freebie through a sponsored pop up on Facebook and Instagram.

I recommend you follow this guide:

  • Follow Nc’nean Distillery page on Facebook or Instagram
  • Like, comment, or watch recent videos or stories shared by the brand on Social Media
  • Check out their website,
  • You can also use the Facebook search bar or the internet to look it up and show you are interested in this product. 

Here is what the sponsored post you need to keep an eye out for looks like.

Nc'nean Drink sample ad on Facebook

Targeting Criteria

As you can see below, this pop up is showing up to select users who meet the following criteria:

  • Residents of the United Kingdom
  • Age 25 years and above
Nc'nean Drink sample ad targeting details

Once you see it, sign up to join Nc’nean’s newsletter and be part of their eco-conscious journey.

As a thank you, Nc’nean will send you a sample of their organic whisky.

Nc'nean Drink sample

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2 thoughts on “Nc’nean Drink sample”

    1. That could be an ad or something, I check everything before I share it with you guys.
      This is a sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram.
      But thanks for the headsup. The rule in the freebie world is to never provide your card info or pay anything for a free sample.

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