Prada Luna Rossa Ocean sample

prada luna rossa ocean cologne samples

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

A new Cologne for men by Prada just hit the shelves. To celebrate the launch of the new perfume for men, the brand is giving away free Prada Luna Rossa Ocean fragrance samples.

There are several ways you can get this freebie. In this article, I will be keeping track of it and updating the post regularly.

The top ones are the most recent offers and they are more likely to be available.

How to get free sample of Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Cologne for men?

Amid article on Women’s Health Mag – AVAILABLE

NEW! The Prada Ocean Fragrance samples are now available amid a page on Womens Health Mag. Follow this link and scroll up and down until you find it.

Thru Cosmopolitan Magazine – EXPIRED

The form to sample the Prada Ocean cologne is showing up on a specific page on Cosmopolitan magazine. So, to receive your free Prada Luna Ocean sample, I invite you to go to this Cosmopolitan Magazine page.

Keep scrolling the page and keep an eye out for sponsored posts coming up. One of them is offering samples of Prada Luna Rossa Cologne for men. Here is how it looks like:

UPDATE: It looks like the Prada Cologne sample popup is only showing up for Mobile users. I have tried several times from my MacBook but it doesn’t show up. While on my Mobile phone it shows every time. So try opening the link with your phone.

This is currently available for residents of the UK only thru Cosmopolitan Magazine. It’s a form powered by SoPost so proceed as usual to fill out the form. Also, check for confirmation email.

Valid for a short period of time or while supplies last. Keep an eye out for this article for future updates and a possible direct link to the form.

I’m not sure if everyone gets this, so keep me posted if you please. Thanks.

Thru SoPost direct link to form – SOLD OUT

Available thru a direct SoPost form. Hurry up and follow this link here to the SoPost form. Fill out the form to receive your freebie by post.

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