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Last Updated on June 15, 2021

TopBox Circle Product Testing is a free beauty product testing community. One of the best ones in Canada (and soon the US). You can get tons of free beauty and skincare products to review thru TopBox Circle Missions. It’s all 100% free. You will never have to pay for anything at all. Basically, it’s a program to get personalized beauty and skincare samples. Also minis, and very often full-sized products delivered to your door… All wrapped up in a luxurious box.

Join the TopBox Circle Product Testing community today, and seize opportunities. They will send you tons of skincare freebies, and free beauty samples in the mail.

Here’s how and the answer to all your TopBox Circle related questions.

How does TopBox Circle Product Testing Community work?

It’s super easy to get started with TopBox Circle and get their missions. Below is a detailed guide on how TopBox Circle works, and everything you need to know about it.

First, you will need an account. You can join the TopBox community and set up your profile from here.

Once you have confirmed your account using your email address. I invite you to check your profile tab. Do not skip this step because building your profile is the basis for getting pre-qualification surveys & missions.

Another important detail that a lot of people skip for some reason is providing your shipping address. This is a top priority because otherwise where would they ship your freebies? Duh.

Now, if you are this far reading, you must have an account with a complete profile. You have one thing left to do: keep an eye out on your dashboard for TopBox Pre-qualifications Surveys.

What are TopBox Pre-qualifications Surveys?

TopBox Pre-qualifications Surveys are as the name suggests, surveys that members have to take to see if you qualify for a mission or not.

Pre-qualification surveys vary and not everyone gets the same questions. It’s all personalized based on your profile and the information you give throughout your journey with them.

Sometimes they tell you what type of product you are taking the survey for, and sometimes it’s a surprise. TopBox Circle pre-qualifications surveys have a deadline, and it’s always mentioned.

Once the application period is thru, you will be notified if you got selected for the assignment. The selection is based on your answers.

IMPORTANT: You will not always be getting notifications or emails about new surveys and offers. It is important to keep checking on your dashboard every once in a while. Or, you can just keep an eye on this article because I’ll sure be updating you on new TopBox Surveys in Canada here.

What are TopBox Circle Missions and how to get them?

topbox circle missions

When selected, you will get a TopBox Mission showing on your dashboard. Each TopBox Circle Mission states what product are you going to be receiving for free, and what is required from you as a tester. The missions also have a deadline.

Make sure you do not exceed the deadline to avoid penalties. They usually offer you plenty of time to take the time to try the products they send you and to make an opinion about them.

After the Missions, it’s the reviewing part. By now, you must have already gotten your freebie in a TopBox box shipped in the mail to your home address. Other than this, you must have got plenty of time to try the product you got. Depending on your assignment, you will need to elaborate a review on the product you tested, or sometimes address a specific point. eg: the whitening power of X toothpaste. The soothing capabilities of Y lotion.

You will be awarded a certain amount of points once your mission is completed, and all good as it should. However, the opposite could also happen as a way to penalize users who don’t go through with the review. Or those who just hoard on the free products without providing their end of the deal. Legend has it, that the more points you collect, the better and more missions you can get.

What can I get from TopBox Circle?

TopBox Circle offers several options to get free beauty products. You can get full size products to try and review with the TopBox Missions as explained above.

Other than the product testing review club and the personalized missions, you can also get free samples every now and then. However, for the samples, they are usually offered to a first-asked, first delivered.

You don’t have to be a member of TopBox to get a sample with them. Usually, when a form is out, it gets shared and people who filled in the form while the supplies were running get their sample. I do keep an eye out for freebies and samples from them. I haven’t missed one yet since I started this blog. You can find them all here.

topbox circle product testing

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