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Last Updated on April 21, 2021

Free Nescafe samples anyone? I got a new email for a surprise freebie in my mailbox from SampleSource. This time, it’s for some free Nescafe samples.

I received an email on the morning of April 15th from SampleSource Canada. The email said that I will be getting some free samples in my home mailbox in 5 to 10 business day.

Surprise, surprise, it’s from Nescafe. The sample kit includes 3 products :

  • Free Nescafe Gold Espresso Roast Original sample
  • Nescafe Gold Espresso Roast Intenso sample
  • Free Nescafe RICH Intense Roast sample

I’m a huge fan of Coffee so I’m very excited about this Nescafe Coffee sample kit to taste it and review it as i’m supposed to.

By the way, be careful because whatever surprise free sample you get, you will be required to review it to be eligible for future freebies.

Get started with SampleSource to get tons of freebies and samples all year long

If you are already a registered member of Sample Source, you can check your email inbox for any emails from them to see if you got this freebie as well. Unfortunately for the surprise samples, we don’t get a form to fill in or anything like that. It’s just a product that you matched with based on your profile. If you didn’t get this one, you might have gotten something else maybe.

However, if you are not a member of Sample Source sampling program as of yet, I highly recommend you get started with them to start receiving tons of freebies and sample boxes all year long in Canada. It’s super easy and free. To go to their website and register, click here.

I also received this in the mail a dozen days after the email.

free nescafe sample samplesource

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