Kérastase Première Haircare sample pack

Treating your hair to something special is now easier with this new free Kérastase Première Haircare sample pack.

Introducing the new Première Products Range – a revolutionary haircare lineup designed to rejuvenate and repair your your hair. You can claim a sample to try it out before anyone else.

Each sample pack includes:

  1. Kérastase Première Bain Décalcifiant Réparateur
  2. Kérastase Première Fondant Fluidité Réparateur
  3. Kérastase Première Serum Filler Fondamental

Let’s dive into how to get your hands on one.

How to Claim Your Free Samples

This freebie is available as a sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram to select residents of Canada. So, follow the steps below to help you find it:

  1. Engage with Kérastase: Visit Kérastase’s official Facebook account through the “Go to Offer” link. Like, comment, and interact with their posts to increase your chances of seeing the sampling campaign ad.
  2. Explore Their Website: Take a moment to visit the Kérastase website and explore the new Première Range.

After that, simply keep an eye on your Facebook feed for the Kérastase sampling campaign ad to pop up as you can see below:

Kérastase Première Haircare sample pack ad on Facebook

Once you see it, click on “Sign up” and provide your details in the form.

Available for a limited time to select residents of Canada on Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Kérastase Première Haircare sample pack

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