FREE Samples of Olay Retinol24 Moisturizer (New P&G Sampling Campaign)

UPDATE: P&G has launched a new sampling campaign and now offering FREE Samples of Olay Retinol24 Products to receive by mail in Canada. To get it, click here and request yours.

Be as quick as a flash for this freebie! For a limited time only, Olay Canada is offering FREE Samples of Olay Retinol24 Moisturizer to select people.

The Olay Retinol24 Facial Moisturizer is guaranteed to keep your skin well-moisturized day and night and has also a miraculous anti-aging effect. It is made with natural and gentle ingredients for facial skin, such as Retinol, Vitamin B3, and minerals.

Using it daily will allow your skin to regenerate faster and healthier. People who have already tried it claim it’s literally the holy grail of anti-aging creams. You could seize this sampling opportunity to try it out for yourself… without having to do any surveys or pay any hidden fees. Just a simple form to provide your shipping address to receive these Olay Samples by mail for free.

How to get FREE Olay Samples by mail in Canada?

UPDATE: A link is available to claim this freebie. So just click on the “Get this free sample” button. Click on “Sign up” and provide your shipping address. Easy peasy!

If you want to give the Olay Retinol 24 Moisturizer a try without paying anything at all, then you have come to the right place, at the right moment.

First of all, this freebie was announced on the Olay Canada Facebook page through a sponsored ad. Which means, there is no direct link to the online request form, but luckily, we know the procedure you can follow to manifest it in your Facebook or Instagram feed, so you can apply and receive the samples.

To sum it up, you have to show interest in Olay products or the brand itself to see the sponsored ad. To do so, you can perform some simple actions such as :

  • Like and follow Olay Canada on social media (especially on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Like some posts on the official Instagram account or Facebook page of Olay Canada
  • Visit the Olay website and check out the Retinol24 Facial Moisturizer or Serum page specifically.

Clicking on the “Get this free sample” button at the bottom of the page will redirect you to the official Facebook page of Olay Canada.

That’s about everything you could do. After this, just continue scrolling down your social media feed and you shall see a sponsored post from Olay Canada, introducing the Olay Retinol 24 anti-aging collection, and offering you to try it for free.

When you see the ad, just click on the call to action button to see the online request form appear. Complete it with your valid shipping address and submit your request.

The last thing would obviously be waiting for your FREE samples of Olay Retinol 24 Moisturizer to be delivered by mail to your home in Canada.

Who can receive FREE Olay Retinol 24 Moisturizer Samples?

This sampling opportunity is only open and valid for legal residents of Canada, all provinces and territories included.

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We hope you enjoy this freebie!

FREE Samples of Olay Retinol24 Moisturizer (New P&G Sampling Campaign)


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