Free sample of Fasting Days Drink Mix (Added link!)

Claim a free sample of Fasting Days Drink Mix with Innotech Nutrition Solutions Canada.

For a limited time, you can sample the Fasting Days Nutritional Drink mix gratis. Order a sample of your choice and get it in the mail.

Fasting Days makes Intermittent Fasting Easy, and also days when you doesn’t have time to feed properly. It is a powder you mix with water to help get you through your fasting hours.

You can get a 20:4 starting guide on Fasting, along with a free sample of Fasting Days of one of these flavours:

  • Lime / Raspberry
  • Mixed Berry

UPDATE: My appologies, I forget to put the link earlier. Fixed now, you can find it below.

Get a free sample of Fasting Days Drink Mix in the mail

To receive this freebie in the mail, you can follow this link to the Innotech Nutrition Solutions Canada. Pop up the required details in the corresponding fields. Submit to get your free stuff in the mail.

Available for residents of Canada only.

Valid for a short period of time or whilst supplies last.

free samples of fasting days drink mix

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