Free Ocean’s Halo Sushi Nori

Last Updated on May 11, 2023

Do you like Sushi? Don’t miss out on this new product trial offer from Social Nature to get a free Ocean’s Halo Sushi Nori product.

Social Nature is giving away free Oceans Halo Organic Sushi Nori to select residents of Canada so they can try it out and review it. So, if you are interested in trying this product, simply follow the steps below to apply for this offer.

Selected candidates will each receive a voucher to redeem at participating store for a free pack of Organic Sushi Nori, 28g ($4,99 value).

How to apply for a free pack of Ocean’s Halo Organic Sushi Nori?

To apply for this product review offer from Social Nature, CLICK HERE to go to the offer page. Sign up with your pre-existing account or create one. Then answer a couple of questions to see if you qualify to receive free Ocean’s Halo Sushi Nori to try and review.

Here are the answers I choose to qualify for this freebie. You can use them as well to get it.

  1. How many sheets of nori do you use at a time?*
    • Once every 3 weeks
  2. How many sheets of nori do you use at a time?*
    • 4 – 5
  3. How often do you buy sushi nori (pack of 10 sheets)?*
    • A couple times a month
  4. Which brands of sushi nori do you buy?*
    • Rooster, Blue Dragon
  5. How often (if at all) do you serve rice with sushi nori?*
    • Most of the time
  6. How often do you buy a 2lb bag of rice?*
    • Once every 3 weeks

This offer is available for a short period of time only or whilst supplies last.

Open to residents of Canada only.

Ocean’s Halo organic nori sheets are making waves with the best nori sheets in the market. These nori sheets are made from sustainable plants and ocean-harvested seaweed. Thus, they are a clean and safe alternative to other products on store shelves. They are very rich in Vitamin B12 and iodine. You can enjoy them as-is, inside of a soup, or make your own homemade sushi wraps & rolls.

Free Ocean's Halo Sushi Nori

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