Free Kraft Peanut Butter Jar

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Kraft launched a new campaign – The Welcome Home Jar. Sign up for it to send someone new or even yourself a free Kraft Peanut Butter Jar. How amazing is that? And that’s not even half of it. Kraft has also teamed up with Dualingo to offer newcomers free English or French lessons and resources to settle in.

As I said, you also receive a free Kraft Peanut Butter Jar, which is great.

How to get a free Kraft Peanut Butter Jar through the Welcome Home Jars offer?

To get one, all you need to do is go over to and fill out the form when it’s available.

UPDATE 2: It took 1 hour and a half for them to run out of samples. But don’t worry, if you missed it, you can check back in one week. I will make sure to let you know when they restock

UPDATE 1: This is now available as of Tuesday 21st March 2023 at 10:00 AM.

Please note that when they first launched it, they run out of samples (That was last week). But, the brand announced that they will be releasing more free jars this week.

This offer is available to all residents of Canada. Limited time offer and limited supplies.

Make sure to receive the latest freebies and samples in Canada by following us on Instagram, allowing push notifications, and subscribing to emails.

Good luck. I will keep you posted the second more free Kraft Peanut Butter Jars come out.

Free Kraft Peanut Butter Jar

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