Free Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cups

Last Updated on June 26, 2024

Attention all Mac & Cheese lovers! Get ready to relish a classic with a free Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cup to try… Or retry!

Shopper Army brings to you a delightful mission that will have you racing to the nearest Walmart.

Kraft Dinner Original Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cups are the epitome of convenience melded with taste.

Whether you’re hankering for a quick snack between Zoom meetings or seeking solace in comfort food after a long day, these snack cups promise to satiate your cravings. With the iconic Kraft Dinner flavor, these microwaveable cups transform into a piping hot delight in just 3 1/2 minutes.

As they say, “It’s gotta be KD!”.

Read on to find out more about this offer and how to get yours for free.

How to get your hands on a free Free Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cup?

From Shopper Army – AVAILABLE

Shopper Army offers a tempting opportunity to try the KD Original Snack Cups – and here’s the best part, you can get a full rebate! Follow these steps to take part in this mission:

Survey Time – Begin by answering a few simple qualification questions on your Shopper Army Dashboard using the button below

Shopping Spree – Once qualified, purchase the Kraft Dinner Snack Cup from Walmart within the next 3 days.

Taste and Test – Relish the creamy, cheesy goodness, and analyze what you love about it.

Review – Within 7 days of your purchase, provide an honest review in English.

Rebate Time – Once your review is approved, receive a full rebate (before taxes and after any applied coupons or discounts) directly in your Shopper Army account.

Free KD Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cups Shopper Army Mission

Such delectable offers are always in high demand. If you wish to be a part of this scrumptious mission, apply before the recruitment window shuts.

Go to Offer

Limit of one rebate per person.

Open to residents of Canada only.

Free Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese Snack Cups

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