Free Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Attention, Canadian Shopper Army members! There’s a fantastic new mission available for you to apply for. This time, you have the chance to try a refreshing and calorie-free drink – you can sign up for a free Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar is the latest addition to the iconic Canadian brand’s lineup, offering the same crisp, ginger flavor we’ve come to love from Canada Dry Ginger Ale, but now with zero sugar and zero calories. Here is how you can get one for free after rebate thanks to Shopper Army.

How to Apply for the Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar Mission on Shopper Army?

To sign up for this offer, simply follow this link to the mission page on Shopper Army. Then, complete the quick survey by answering a few qualification questions so they can see if you’re eligible for the mission. If you are eligible, you will be asked to buy any size or format of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar from Walmart within three days of applying.

Last but not least, enjoy the refreshing taste of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar and evaluate it thoroughly to write an honest review of the product in English and submit it to Shopper Army within seven days or purchase. That’s it. After that, you will receive a full rebate (before taxes; after coupons and discounts).

Please note that there’s a limit of one rebate per person.

This mission won’t be open for long, so make sure you apply before recruitment closes.

This offer is open to residents of Canada who qualify for it. Good luck.

Free Canada Dry Ginger Ale Zero Sugar

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