Clarins Lipstick sample

Last Updated on September 22, 2023

Enjoy the confidence of luscious, vibrant lips that stay flawless all day with a free Clarins lipstick sample.

Introducing the Joli Rouge Refillable Lipsticks by Clarins – the epitome of beauty meeting sustainability.

If you’ve ever thought that looking good and doing good were two separate paths, think again. Clarins is blending them into a stunning hue of eco-friendly glam.

And now you can request a free sample to try it for yourself. Here is everything you need to know about this offer and how to order your Clarins lippie sample.

How to claim a free sample of Clarins Lipstick?

NEW! From TopBox Circle

This freebie is now available through a direct link to the TopBox form. To get yours, simply follow the steps below:

NOTE: The link comes and goes, so if it says ‘Sold Out’ just keep retrying.

Available for a short period of time only or while supplies.

Open to residents of Canada only.

Make sure you subscribe to push notifications or emails to be the first informed of any updates.

From Facebook / Instagram

This offer currently is brushing your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and trust us; it’s too irresistible to swipe past.

So read and follow the instructions below to make sure you get your hands on the Clarins Lipstick sample while supplies last.

  • Like and Follow Clarins page on Facebook and Instagram
  • Engage with the brand’s page (Like recent posts, watch recent videos or stories, or leave a comment)
  • Use the Facebook or Instagram search bar to lookup the new Clarins Refillable Lipstick products
  • Visit the Clarins website and check out their range of lipsticks, etc…

That’s it, once you’re done, simply stay alert on Socials.

Keep an eye on your Facebook and Instagram feeds for the Clarins ad as shown in the screenshot below.

Clarins Lipstick sample ad instagram

Once you spot the ad, click on it to request your FREE sample of the Clarins Joli Rouge Refillable Lipstick.

Allow a bit of time for delivery, and soon enough, you’ll be flaunting your Clarins hue while celebrating a more sustainable beauty routine.

This offer is currently showing up on Facebook and Instagram to select users.

NOTE: This leads to a TopBox Circle link, so stay tuned for a possible direct link to the form.

Good luck.

Clarins Lipstick sample

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