TEMPTATIONS™ Mix Ups sample

Attention all cat lovers in Australia! You can now grab a FREE TEMPTATIONS™ Mix Ups sample for your Cat to try the new flavour!

TEMPTATIONS™ is offering free samples of their delicious Mix Ups treats in Catnip, Chicken, and Cheddar flavors. Your feline friend is bound to find these irresistible!

How to get your free sample:

This offer is available as a sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram for Australian residents. But how do you get this ad to show up in your feed? Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Interact with TEMPTATIONS™: Visit the TEMPTATIONS™ page on Facebook or Instagram. Like a few posts, follow the page, and maybe leave a comment or two. This shows your interest in their products.
  2. Search for TEMPTATIONS™: Use the search bar on Facebook or Instagram to look up TEMPTATIONS™ cat treats. Click on their profile, check out some products, and engage with the content.
  3. Be Active on Pet-related Content: Show some love for other cat-related posts, pages, or ads. The more you interact with cat-related content, the higher the chance the TEMPTATIONS™ ad will appear in your feed.

Here is a screenshot of the ad you need to find ( See it here on the Facebook Ad Library):

TEMPTATIONS™ Mix Ups sample ad on Facebook

Once the ad pops up, click the ‘SIGN UP’ button and complete the form.

Remember, these samples are available while supplies last, so keep an eye out for the ad to pop up in your feed.

Quick Tip: If you can’t see the ad immediately, don’t worry. Keep interacting with TEMPTATIONS or Cat-related content, and check back later. These ads can take a little time to start appearing based on your engagement.

TEMPTATIONS™ page on Facebook

TEMPTATIONS™ Instagram Account

TEMPTATIONS™ Mix Ups sample

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