Topbuxus Australia Giveaway – 10 Gardening Tools & Plant Care Packs

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

Calling all gardening enthusiasts and green-thumbed warriors! Topbuxus Australia is offering an incredible Giveaway to win one of 10 Gardening Tools & Plant Care Packs that are sure to elevate your gardening game.

Prize Details:

  • Total Value: A luscious $7,000 worth of gardening goods up for grabs.
  • Number of Winners: 10 lucky gardeners will win a share of the bounty.

Each Winner receives a pack that includes:

  • Pocket Boy Saws: 4 to handle all your precision cutting needs.
  • Okatsune Secateurs: 4 pairs for perfect pruning every time.
  • Okatsune Shears: 4 pairs to keep those hedges in handsome shape.
  • Signed Copies: 6 of Paul Bangay’s enlightening garden book.
  • Buxus Care Guides: 6 to ensure your buxus plants thrive.
  • Topbuxus Products: 6 large packs for top-notch plant care.
  • Paul Bangay Tote Bags: 6 stylish bags to carry all your garden tools.

Want to be in with a chance to win? It’s simple.

Here’s how to participate in the Topbuxus Australia Competiton

  1. Go to Offer: Click on the button below to access the giveaway page
  2. Sign Up: Simply join the Topbuxus email list—easy peasy!
  3. Earn Extra: Boost your chances with bonus entries by following additional steps.

You have until May 20, 2024, to throw your hat in the ring.

Enter the Draw

Topbuxus Australia Giveaway - 10 Gardening Tools & Plant Care Packs

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