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Last Updated on December 26, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide to slashing your meal costs at one of Australia’s favorite fast food spotsHungry Jack’s! If you’re a savvy shopper looking to indulge in some delicious fast food without breaking the bank, you’re in the right place.

From paper vouchers to app-exclusive deals, we’ve got all the juicy details to help you save more while enjoying more.

List of Hungry Jacks Paper Vouchers & Coupons

While currently unavailable, Hungry Jack’s paper vouchers are a classic way to save.

Keep an eye out for the next batch by regularly checking their website or signing up for updates. Remember, the deals are as dynamic as their menu, with new additions and removals happening often.

Hungry Jack’s Website Coupons

Hungry Jack's App Only Deals

Jump onto Hungry Jack’s website for some of the latest offers and deals. They regularly update their voucher section with mouth-watering discounts valid for a wide range of menu items.

Right now, you can get these:

  • $7 Jack’s Brekky Roll + 2 X Hash Browns
  • $12 Turkish Brekky SVM + Turkish Brekky Roll
  • $4.90 Chicken Royale Small Value Meal
  • $8 2 Whopper Junior + 2 Small Chips
  • $16 Medium JFC Hunger Tamer

Hungry Jack’s Application Vouchers and Deals

The real treasure lies within the Hungry Jack’s Mobile App.

Here’s why:

  • Exclusive App Deals: Only available for app users, these deals are updated regularly to keep things exciting.
  • User-Friendly: Simply tap on the voucher icon and select your preferred offer.
  • Variety of Offers: From breakfast deals to dinner feasts, there’s something for every appetite.
  • Easy Registration: Make sure you’re registered on the app to access these exclusive deals.

Exclusive Deals Sneak Peek:

Right now, you can get seize these deals:

  • Double Cheese Burger Small Meal for $5 (Expires on Jan 8, 2024)
  • Whopper + Medium Coffee for $6 (Expires on Jan 1st, 2024)

Download the Hungry Jack’s Mobile App

Maximize your savings by downloading the Hungry Jack’s Mobile App available on both Apple Store and Google Play. Not only does it provide exclusive vouchers, but it also offers features like:

  • Online ordering,
  • Delivery tracking,
  • Queue skipping.

Plus, participate in daily quizzes for a chance to win more!

Download Hungry Jack’s App

How to Use Hungry Jack’s Mobile App Vouchers?

Using your vouchers is a breeze. Most restaurants accept digital copies displayed on your smartphone.

Hungry Jack’s Opening Hours

Hungry Jack’s is ready to serve you nearly any time of the day, from early breakfasts at 6:00 am to late-night snacks until 2:00 am, every day of the week.

Note that hours may vary during public holidays, so do check ahead.

Delivery Options

Craving Hungry Jack’s now? Get it delivered through their mobile app, Menulog, or Uber Eats!

With an array of options from paper vouchers to app-exclusive deals, Hungry Jack’s makes enjoying your favorite meals more affordable. Keep this guide handy, download the app, and prepare to indulge in tasty savings that will have both your stomach and wallet feeling full and happy!


What are Hungry Jack’s Vouchers and Deals?

Hungry Jack’s Vouchers and Deals are promotional offers that provide customers with discounts, free items, or other special offers related to saving money on food or drinks at Hungry Jack’s restaurants.

How can I get Hungry Jack’s vouchers and deals?

Hungry Jack’s vouchers and deals can be obtained through various channels, including:

  • The Hungry Jack’s app,
  • The Hungry Jack’s website,
  • Social media platforms,
  • Promotional emails

Some vouchers and deals may also be available through third-party websites or apps.

What types of vouchers and deals are available at Hungry Jack’s?

Hungry Jack’s offers a variety of vouchers and deals, including:

  • Discounts on specific menu items,
  • Free items with a purchase,
  • Meal deals,
  • Limited-time offers

Some vouchers and deals may be available only for a limited time or at specific locations.

How do I redeem Hungry Jack’s vouchers and deals?

To redeem a Hungry Jack’s voucher or deal, customers typically need to present the voucher or code at the time of purchase. However, some vouchers and deals may be available only for online orders or through the Hungry Jack’s app.

Customers should read the terms and conditions of each voucher or deal to ensure they understand the redemption process.

Are there any restrictions on using Hungry Jack’s Vouchers?

Yes, there may be restrictions on using Hungry Jack’s vouchers and deals, such as:

  • A minimum purchase amount,
  • A limit on the number of vouchers or deals that can be used per transaction,
  • Or restrictions on the menu items that are eligible for the discount or free item.

Customers should read the terms and conditions of each voucher or deal to ensure they understand any restrictions.

Can I combine multiple Hungry Jack’s vouchers and deals?

In most cases, customers cannot combine multiple Hungry Jack’s vouchers or deals in a single transaction. However, some vouchers or deals may be stackable, meaning they can be used together to provide a greater discount or more free items.

Hungry Jack's Vouchers & Deals

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