Eva NYC Hair Primer sample

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

It’s an exciting time for beauty enthusiasts… This is your chance to claim a free Eva NYC Hair Primer sample.

For those unfamiliar, Eva NYC is a famous hair care brand that combines advanced technologies with premium ingredients for salon-quality at-home hair care. One of its most coveted products is the Mane Magic Hair Primer, a multi-tasking marvel that makes haircare simple and hassle-free.

The Eva NYC Mane Magic Hair Primer is the ultimate haircare product, designed to simplify your routine and improve the health and appearance of your hair. This 10-in-1 primer is enriched with argan oil and sunflower seed oil to provide ten essential benefits: it detangles, nourishes, strengthens, softens, cuts drying time, adds shine, reduces frizz, and protects against thermal, environmental, and UV damage.

Not only does it prep your hair for styling, but it also shields it from harmful factors throughout the day. It’s your hair’s best defense against heat, pollution, and sun – all in a single spritz. So hurry up to claim a sample to test out gratis. Here is how.

How to get your free Eva NYC Hair Primer sample?

Eva NYC Is giving away this sample through a sponsored post on Facebook and Instagram. So as for how you can get your hands on this wonderful product, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Interact with Eva NYC’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. Like their posts and leave a few comments. This lets the platform algorithms know you are interested in the brand.
  2. Search for Eva NYC and their products (especially the Mane Magic Hair Primer) on the Facebook or Instagram search bar. This step will further signal your interest in these products.
  3. If possible, visit the Eva NYC website. Browse through their product range, particularly the Mane Magic Hair Primer.
  4. Talk about Eva NYC and their products on your social media platforms. This can trigger the algorithm into showing you more related content.
  5. Like and engage with posts related to haircare and beauty. The more the algorithms see your interest in these areas, the more likely they will show you relevant ads.
  6. Patience is key. It may take a little while for the platform algorithms to process your activities. So, if you don’t see the ad immediately, don’t worry.

That’s it, here is a screenshot of the advert so you can recognize it easily.

Eva NYC Hair Primer sample ad facebook

Once you come across the sponsored ad on Facebook or Instagram, click on it to access the free sample request form. Fill out your shipping details and await your free sample of the Eva NYC Mane Magic Hair Primer in the mail. Remember, supplies are limited, so you’ll want to act fast once you spot the ad.

So, go ahead, seize this opportunity, and give your hair the royal treatment it deserves with the Eva NYC Mane Magic Hair Primer.

Eva NYC Hair Primer sample

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