Olaplex Hair Perfector sample

Last Updated on February 11, 2024

Treat your hair to a free Olaplex Hair Perfector sample and witness a transformation.

Olaplex is giving away complimentary samples of their heralded formula, designed to repair and strengthen all hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair, Olaplex’s patented technology can help restore your hair’s healthy appearance and texture.

Here is how to get yours without further delay.

How to get your free Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector sample?

Olaplex is giving away this freebie through a sponsored ad on Facebook and Instagram.

So, I recommend the following tips to help you find the Olaplex ad on social media and claim the sample.

  • Like and Follow the Olaplex Facebook page or Instagram account
  • Engage with their content (Like at least 4 recent posts, etc…)
  • Use the search feature to lookup No. 3 Hair Perfector

After that, keep an eye out on your feed. Once you see the ad as shown in the picture below, click on the get Offer’ button and fill out the form.

Olaplex Hair Perfector sample ad on Facebook

This offer is currently showing up for:

  • Female residents of the United Kingdom
  • Age 18 years old and above
  • Similar to Olaplex Customers
Olaplex Hair Perfector Ad Details

Act quickly to claim your sample and start your journey to stronger, healthier-looking hair with Olaplex.

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Olaplex Hair Perfector sample

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