Free Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water

Are you tired of sipping on the same old sugary sodas and looking for a delightful and refreshing alternative? If so, Shopper Army has an offer that’s sure to please you. Join the latest mission from Shopper Army to taste and review Free Sparkling Ice, a flavourful sparkling water that promises full fruity taste without sugar or calories.

Available in Black Raspberry, Coconut Pineapple, Kiwi Strawberry, and Orange Mango, this effervescent drink offers something for every palate. Here’s everything you need to know about this sparkling opportunity.

How to get free Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water?

For the chance to try Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water for free with Shopper Army, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Shopper Army dashboard: Find the Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water Mission and click on it
  2. Answer Qualification Questions: Complete a quick survey to see if you qualify for the mission.
  3. Purchase the Product from Walmart: Buy your preferred flavour of Sparkling Ice within 3 days of being accepted into the mission.
  4. Test the Product: Enjoy the drink and evaluate its taste, fizz, and overall experience.
  5. Submit Your Review in English: Share your thoughts on Sparkling Ice within 7 days of purchase. Your honest feedback is valuable!
  6. Receive a Full Rebate: You’ll receive a full rebate in your Shopper Army account for the amount you spent (before taxes; after coupons & discounts).

Please note that there is a limit of one free rebate per person.

Available for a limited time only to residents of Canada.

Don’t miss this chance to apply for the Shopper Army mission and get a full rebate on your purchase of Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water. Apply now and make every sip a celebration!

Free Sparkling Ice Flavoured Sparkling Water

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