Yogi Tea sample

Last Updated on November 6, 2022

This one is for all the tea lovers out there! This is your chance to try free Yogi Wellness Teas. Right now, you can claim a free Yogi Tea sample in the US without spending a cent. Including:

  • Yogi Elderberry Lemon Balm Immune + Stress Tea
  • and Yohi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

Yogi tea offers a blend of calming herbs that can help you with stress management. This herbal blend is designed to be used daily for those who experience occasional mental anguish or those who are looking for more peace in their life. Here is how to get a sample.

How to get a free sample of Yogi Wellness Teas?

Yogi is giving away free samples of their tea through sponsored Facebook and Instagram adverts doing rounds right now. Here are some suggestions for getting the sponsored post with the button to the request form to pop up in your social feed.

Now, wait and be on the lookout in your feed to see if the free sample ad shows up where you can claim this freebie! Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

Yogi Tea sample

Yogi teas like Elderberry Lemon Balm Immune + Stress and Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea offer a flavorful way to unwind after a long day or to enjoy at any time. Elderberry Lemon Balm Immune + Stress helps keep you healthy while also soothing the mind and soul. This delicious herbal blend combines elderberry with lemon balm and green tea to give you joy.

Yogi Tea sample

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