Shan Butter Chicken Mix samples

Do you love Indian food? Get free Shan Butter Chicken Mix samples with the new sample offer from

For a limited time, the Sampy is handing out free samples of Shan Butter Chicken Indian Spices for Juicy Chicken or Veggies in Rich Tomato & Butter Sauce. This is a nice way to test the product before purchasing it.

How to get free Shan Butter Chicken samples?

To receive your Shan Butter Chicken Recipe Mix sample, I invite you to go to the platform thru this link and log in using your pre-existing account. If you are new to this platform. You can sign up for free to start matching with freebies.

Simply visit your dashboard for new samples and you will find the Shan Butter Chicken Mix sample. Follow instructions to claim.

Available to residents of the US, who are members of

Shan Butter Chicken mix samples

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