Protein2o Whey Protein Powder sample

Last Updated on January 5, 2022

Send Me A Sample US has a new freebie available for you to claim. While supplies last, you can score a free Protein2o Whey Protein Powder sample on a simple request.

The new Protein2o Whey Protein Powder is great to increase your daily protein intake without the calories. It’s a solid source of high quality protein. Each dose of Protein2o Powder contains 20g of whey protein isolate, which is the equivalent of 40% the recommended daily value of protein. But that’s not all… It’s only 90 calories.

How to get a free sample of Protein2o Whey Protein Powder with Send Me A Sample?

To score this freebie available now at Send Me A Sample, simply say to your Alexa or your Google Assisstant App: “Ask Send Me a Sample for Protein2o”.

Please note that to be able to claim this freebie, you must have a SendMeASample account that is linked to either Alexa or the Google Assisstant App. Learn more about it here.

In case you are new to Send Me A Sample, you can sign up for free to claim this freebie and so many others.

Click here to find out more Send Me A Sample offers in the US you can ask your Alexa or Google Assistant for.

The platform is giving away a total of 10,000 Protein2o samples.

Available until February 28, 2022 or until the users claim all 10,000 samples.

Open to all residents of the US with a SendMeASample account.

Protein2o Whey Protein Powder sample

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