Mugler Alien Goddess Fragrance sample

Mugler Alien Goddess sample
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Last Updated on September 25, 2022

Be quick to claim a free Mugler Alien Goddess Fragrance sample while supplies last.

For a limited time, Mugler is giving away free samples of their best selling Alien Goddess Fragrance to select US residents. Here is how you can get yours in the mail and try this fantastic perfume without having to purchase it.

How to receive free samples of Mugler Alien Goddess Fragrance in the US?

NEW! Thru Facebook / Instagram – AVAILABLE

Right now, Macy’s is giving away the Alien Goddess Perfume sample thru a sponsored post on Facebook and Instagram. So to get it, you need to follow the steps below to hopefully get the advert to show up in your social feed, and be able to claim the request form.

I recommend you to do the following actions:

  • Like and Follow the Mugler page on Facebook and Macy’s
  • Interact with both pages (Like recent posts, watch recent videos or stories, etc…)
  • Lookup the Mugler Alien Goddess on the Facebook Search bar or the internet

After that, keep an eye out for the sponsored posts showing up in your social feed. Here is a screenshot of the one you should be on the lookout for to score this freebie.

Mugler Alien Goddess sample macys

When you see it, simply hit the ‘SIGN UP’ button to access the SoPost form that you need to fill out to receive this sample. As simple as that. Stay tuned for more updates and freebies.

Good luck.

With Send Me A Sample – SOLD OUT!

mugler alien goddess send me a sample us

Send Me A Sample US has a new perfume sample. To receive and try the NEW Alien Goddess by Thierry Mugler in the US. Simply ask your Google Assistant or Alexa to to send you a sample. You can say ‘Ask Send Me A Sample for Alien Goddess’

If you are new to Send Me A Sample, just sign up and follow the instructions to link your account to your voice assistant. Then claim the available samples to you.

Click here to go to the offer page and learn more about it.

This offer is available for Send Me A Sample users who are residents of the USA.

For the complete list of Send Me A Sample US freebies, check this out.

P.S: There are other Mugler Alien Goddess samples for other countries. You can find them all here. Make sure you click on the article that has your country tag.

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