Michael Kors Wonderlust sample

Any Michael Kors perfume lovers here? Here is your chance to secure a free Michael Kors Wonderlust sample in the US.

For a limited time, Michael Kors is giving away free samples of Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume. Seize this offer and sign up for a sample to receive in the mail, free of all charges.

Discover a place filled with wonder, where endless adventure awaits. Michael Kors Wonderlust is an amber gourmand fragrance that captures an infinite desire for discovery. Top notes: Almond Milk, Dianthus. Heart notes: Benzoin Siam. Base notes: Sandalwood Sri Lanka.

How to get a free sample of Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume in the US?

To sign up for a sample, you need to spot the sponsored post on Facebook or Instagram that contains the SoPost request form. This freebie is only available through sponsored posts on Social Media. Here are a few suggestions to increase your odds of getting it to pop up in your social feed:

  • Like and Follow the Michael Kors page on Facebook
  • Engage with the brand (Like, comment or watch a recent video on their page)
  • Lookup the Wonderlust Fragrance on Facebook search bar and/or the Michael Kors website

After that, keep an eye out on your social feed for the sponsored ad with the SoPost request form. Below is a screenshot I took of the said sponsored post.

michael kors wonderlust sample

Once you spot it, simply hit the “SIGN UP” button to access the SoPost request form.

Stay in the loop for further targeting details or a possible direct SoPost link. I will make sure to update you as soon as I find something. So to be among the first to know, subscribe to push notifications and emails from me. Good luck!

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Michael Kors Wonderlust perfume is a sensual experience with a mysterious backstory, a unique onset, and an incredible ending. With a careful balance of warm, earthy undertones, the fragrance is inspired by nature’s most beautiful and captivating blossoms. A journey worth taking…

Inspired by the scents of nature-inspired flowers and mysterious spices, Michael Kors Wonderlust is a blend of luxurious blossoms mingled with delectably spiced notes, it conjures the chic, carefree luxury of an impromptu escape.

michael kors wonderlust sample

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