Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy sample

Have tried the Kilian Love Don t Be Shy perfume? This is your chance to test it out for free. Kilian Paris is giving away free Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy samples to US residents.

The free Kilian Love Don t Be Shy Fragrance samples are offered thru Facebook and Instagram ads. The sponsored posts are showing up to select US residents on social media. There is no direct link as of yet, but you can follow a few steps to make the post show up in your social feed. I suggest you do these actions:

  • Follow and like By Kilian page on Facebook and optionally Instagram,
  • Like a couple of recent posts or watch a recent video they have shared
  • Search the fragrance on the internet, and preview it on the Kilian website

That’s about it. After this, just keep an eye out while scrolling your Facebook feed for the post to pop up for you. It looks like the snapshot below.

Kilian Love Don t Be Shy sample

Once you spot the post, simply click on the ‘Get Offer’ page to get the signup form with SoPost.

If you’re looking for a great scent that’ll make you stand out, try Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy perfume. This fragrance by Kilian Paris evokes the feeling of confidence and hard work — and it will do just that for you. With its daring notes and uplifting top notes, this fragrance will have all eyes on you when you walk into the room.

I will make sure to update both articles as we go forward and whenever a Kilian perfume sample is available in the US.

kilian don t be shy love

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