Free Tabasco Sauce sample @Walmart

Walmart shoppers can pick-up a FREE Tabasco Sauce sample with Freeosk this week ONLY.

Until September 17th, 2020, you can head over a participating Walmart store near you with a Freeosk kiosk. And claim your free sample of Tabasco Sauce.

Grab your Free Tabasco Sample @Walmart with Freeosk this week

How to get a Tabasco sample with Freeosk?

This is an in-store freebie. You need to go to one of the Walmart stores near you that has a Freeosk kiosk.

Now if you are already a member of the Freeosk platform and have their app on your mobile phone. Then all you have left to do is head over to a participating Walmart Store that has a Freeosk Kiosk, and pick up your free Tabasco sample.

If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one for free. If you need guidance to do so, check out our detailed article explaining how you should proceed to get free samples from Freeosk.

Click here to go to freeosk website and get more information about what products they are sampling this week.

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