VITAFOL Prenatal Nutrition Sample Kit

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

Are you an expecting parent or a new one? Either way, you can hurry up to seize this amazing opportunity to get a 12-Day VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep Prenatal Nutrition Sample Kit for free.

For those who don’t know it, the VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep is a prenatal nutritive solution that contains more folate, iron, and vitamin D than OTC softgels.

To market their new product, VITAFOL is offering people the opportunity to try their product without paying a cent. If you choose to request this baby samples, then you shall receive by mail a 12-Day Sample Kit that includes a 12-day supply of VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep. After that, you could buy it if you think it’s good and suitable for your baby’s needs. Sounds like a rad deal, yea?

How to get a 12-Day Sample Kit of VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep?

In order to request your 12-Day Trial Kit of VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep, we suggest you follow this very easy step-by-step guide we have made for you:

  • Click on this link to get redirected to the VITAFOL ULTRA sampling campaign page.
  • Once you’re on the said page, spot the online request form and complete it with your personal details and valid coordinates. You should also answer a few questions about your newborn baby or pregnancy.
  • Check the 3 boxes that state that you agree to VITAFOL ULTRA privacy policy and terms of use. That you want to hear from them by email, and that you are aware that this free sampling offer is a one time only and free of all charges, including shipping fees.

You’re all set up. All you have left to do is wait for your free baby samples to arrive by mail.

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Who can get FREE VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep Samples?

This sampling campaign is reserved for people living in the United States of America ONLY. So, if you do not live in the US, it’s not for you.

There’s a limit of one free sample kit per household. So, no need to apply twice if you live in the same house.

The quantities are limited, so hurry up to request your freebie while the stocks are up. We hope you enjoy this offer.

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Have a good day :)

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