Revolution Beauty Fragrance Collection samples

Last Updated on December 8, 2021

Notice to all the perfume aficionados! Revolution Beauty unveiled a new Fragrance Collection. You guessed it, for a limited time, you can order free Revolution Beauty Fragrance Collection samples to try out.

The NEW Revolution Beauty Fragrance collection consists of 4 perfumes, including:

  • Revolution Timeless Eau De Toilette
  • Revolutionary Eau De Toilette
  • Revolutionary Noir Eau De Toilette
  • Revolution Passion Eau De Toilette

Thanks to this new sampling offer, you get to choose any one of the 4 to test out gratis. Here is how below.

How to get free samples of the NEW Revolution Beauty Fragrance Collection?

This freebie offer is currently ongoing through a sponsored advert on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, there is no direct link to the form. But as you must know by now, that there are a bunch of actions you can complete to hopefully get the post to show up on your social feed and claim the samples.

Here are the actions I suggest you complete to increase your odds of getting this popup while scrolling your Facebook or Instagram social feed :

After this, just keep your eyes peeled while scrolling through your social feed. Hopefully, you will be able to see the post as shown in the snapshot below.

I’ll update this article with further details or a possible direct link if available.

Currently available and showing up to select UK residents on Facebook. Good luck.

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revolution beauty fragrance collection samples

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