Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra perfume sample

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Hurry up to order a free Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra sample in the UK.

Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra perfume is an ode to a bygone era, inspired by the lost city of Petra. The perfume is created for those who are intrepid enough to explore hidden scents with a complex history and culture.

Made from rare and precious oils, the new  Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra fragrance is inspired by the legendary deserts of Petra where sun-baked stone temples are kissed by sunrise and passages riddled with perfume and mixed myrrh, green tea, and bergamot notes. Get your free sample now and try it for free. Here is how.

How to get a free sample of Penhaligons Legacy of Petra Fragrance with Send Me A Sample UK?

NEW! From their website – AVAILABLE

Other than the still available Send Me A Sample freebie, you can also get another sample of the new Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra Perfume from their website directly. To get one while supplies last, CLICK HERE. Scroll down the page until you find the ‘REQUEST SAMPLE’ button. Click on it and follow the instructions.

You can also get it with Send Me a Sample by following the steps below.

From Send Me A Sample UK – AVAILABLE

Penhaligon’s is teaming up with Send Me a Sample UK to offer you a free sample of the new Penhaligon’s Legacy of Petra Perfume.

To claim yours while supplies last, simply ask your Google Assistant or Alexa for a free sample by saying or typing “Ask send me a sample for the Legacy of Petra!”. Then, you need to verify your shipping address. Do it and confirm. They will send your freebie by post.

The freebie was first announced on TikTok. Here is the link to the method from the brand itself.

You need to be a registered member of Send Me A Sample to get this offer. It’s easy and quick. Click here to sign up or go to their website.

This freebie is open to residents of the UK only.

penhaligons legacy of petra sample

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