Loaf Smelly Wax Candles sample pack

Last Updated on January 13, 2021

Get cracking to snag a free Loaf Smelly Wax Candles sample pack and get it by mail. Loaf is giving away FREE Rub & Sniff samples while the quantities last.

The British furniture and homeware brand recently released this new range of nostalgic scented wax candles. You can try them free thanks to this sampling opportunity.

You can order a set of six Rub & Sniff samples with Loaf for you to try at home, free of all charges. The set includes these scents :

  • Christmas Eve Smelly Wax Candle,
  • Country Boozer Smelly Wax Candle,
  • Pencil Sharpenings Smelly Wax Candle,
  • Laundry Days Smelly Wax Candle,
  • Granny’s Garden Smelly Wax Candle,
  • Summer Holiday Smelly Wax Candle.

Each of these Candles regularly costs up to £40. Be as quick as a flash to get samples of them to test 100% gratis.

How to get a free Loaf Smelly Wax Candles sample pack?

To get your mitts on a free Loaf Smelly Wax Candles sample pack, we invite you to follow this link right here to the sample order form. Pop up your shipping address and full name in the corresponding fields and send away for a free set of six Rub & Sniff samples with Loaf. Lose no time to get this great value freebie shipped to your house.

Only residents of the UK can claim this freebie.

Valid for a limited time or while the supplies are up.

Please allow some time to the samples to be shipped to your mailbox by regular post.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this product in the comments below.

free loaf smelly wax candles sample pack in the UJK

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