Free COVID-19 Rapid Lateral flow test

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

The British Government is giving away Lateral flow test this holiday season to keep people safe from spreading the Coronavirus and exposing others.

Here’s everything you need to know including how to get them free.

What is a lateral flow test?

A rapid lateral flow test is good to find people who may have no COVID-19 symptoms, but are still infectious and can transmit the Coronavirus.
Keep in mind that a covid lateral test is recommended for people that are not showing any symptoms. If you or someone you know has symptoms, you’d better get a PCR test.

How to order a free COVID Lateral flow test?

There are multiple ways you can submit your lateral flow test order and get it by post. Including :

Order Online

Go to the link at and click ‘START NOW’. Fill in the form and wait for yours to be shipped.
You can order one pack at a time per day. Each pack includes 7 tests.

Order by Phone

If you have any issues ordering the COVID rapid test online, you can use your phone.

  • England, Wales, and Northern Ireland residents can call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines)
  • Scotland residents can call 0300 303 2713 (charged at your standard network rate)

The lines are operating every day, from 7am to 11pm.

Pick up at a point near you

Only if you do not suspect yourself to be positive to COVID-19. You can go to a pharmacy and ask for it. (in England only). Or collect from a community center, such as a library, your school, university.

If you’re collecting tests, you can collect 2 packs at a time (14 tests in total).

How to use the innova lateral flow tests?

It’s pretty simple. The Innova test comes with detailed instructions. The procedure is simple. It involves taking a sample from your tonsils and nose, using a swab. You will get results within 30 minutes in the safety and comfort of your own house.

You will need to repeat the test each 3 to 4 days and report the results. Do not skip the part about registering your lateral flow test results.

Report lateral flow test

To report lateral flow test, simply go to Click ‘START NOW’ and provide the required information.

You cannot report a result after more than 24 hours. Be vigilant about this point.

How accurate are lateral flow tests?

The rapid COVID Flow Test Accuracy is pretty good. Researchers concluded on March 2021 that the Innova lateral flow tests results are 99.9% accurate.


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